Outsource Your Work to OmkarSoft.com and SAVE MONEY

Now the title of this headline is quite aggressive because we must justify this statement. You might be thinking, yeah yeah…that is what everyone says. But at OmkarSoft.com, it is part of our business strategy. We want our customers to keep coming back for more projects. We are not really interested in the one-time customer. It takes too much time to learn a customer’s business, mission, and vision. Why charge you more for a one-off project when we could be spending our time with our over 2500 other customers digging deeper into their businesses and helping them earn more money and build their business and reputation.

Outsource Your Work to OmkarSoftWe have been a web development and web designing company for a while now. Our thrill and passion comes from becoming a partner with your company – not just a technology coder. One statistic OmkarSoft.com is very proud of is that our customer feedback says it all. The last time we tracked it, 99.66 percent, or 4440 out of 4455 projects received a 5 star rating when surveyed. We don’t take that rating for granted. We earned it!

We have heard over and over again that ‘time is money’. Well, we also think that ‘money eats time’. As your digital marketing and web designing partner, we must balance the two very carefully. This is yet again another reason why our return customer statistics are so high. When customers shop for products or services, they must feel the money spent was worth the money, time and effort. We also feel that it must not become a break even proposition…never spend money that will not earn you money.

Okay, but this blurb is about Saving Money. When you have been in the business as long as OmkarSoft.com, the more projects we have completed means a scalable experience for you. We have so many templates already designed that we can quickly customise one for you. We have a complete project plan process – no need to recreate the process for every customer. Our experienced team is a cohesive group who truly works as a team and communicates as one.

Although technology is changing so rapidly we are constantly ‘at school’, our experience and background history in technology allows us to learn the new technology more quickly. This saves us time, saves us money – that means we can pass those savings on to our customers. Let’s be frank, we are in business to make money, but we are realistic in our expectations of what is a fair price and what is just not ethical. One of our surveys that we conducted with our US clients indicated they felt their previous web design company cheated them. No one likes to feel like they did not get their money’s worth, so they will think again before repeating that experience.

We also have the capacity to integrate your website into an overall digital marketing plan consisting of blogs and social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. Video is a requirement these days, so ranking with videos either housed on your servers or on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo should be part of the plan. Oh, and did we say we offer those video and simulation services also? A recent study on Facebook rankings stated that videos uploaded directly from your computer to Facebook ranked you higher in Facebook than streaming from YouTube – these are the tricks of the trade that make us the ‘go to’ web designing company in Bangalore…or really the world. (And we just gave you some free consulting advice that others would have charged you money to get!) When you work with an experienced web and digital provider, our economies of scale saves you money – that is the bottom line. Give OmkarSoft.com a chance to earn your business…we will do everything possible to make you a happy client who is eager to come back for more!

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